Tantric meditation

Life is energy. Everything you experience and manifest is a by product of your energetic interactions with the universe.

You are not a physical being having a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

No matter what school of thought you subscribe to or what beliefs you resonate with, it’s a scientific fact that the human body has its own energetic field.

This energetic field is called the ‘aura‘.

Your ‘aura‘ can be further traced to 7 distinct energy centers in the body.

These energy centers are what we call in ‘Tantra‘ as ‘Chakras‘.

Meditating human in lotus pose. Yoga illustration. Colorful 7 chakras and aura glow. Mandala background.

Any trauma or unresolved experiences undergone by the emotional body are absorbed by the energetic system and cause imbalances in the ‘chakra‘ system.

These imbalances, sooner or later, manifest as diseases and ailments.

Alternatively, they may also manifest in the form of painful life patterns that the native struggles to overcome.

Chakra‘ imbalances can manifest in the form of addictions, relationship issues, recurrent financial issues, mental health issues, personality disorders, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, ‘mystery’ illnesses, paranoia and a score of other painful life issues that we commonly dismiss as ‘bad luck’ and ‘past karma‘.

The thing is, ‘Tantra‘ is the science of manipulating energy to overcome and transcend karma‘.

Tantric‘ meditation gives the power in the hands of the conscious mind and paves a way for the individual to cleanse past patterns of existence that have been holding them back.

In the same way that you can work out in the gym and focus on one body part at a time through a carefully regimented process to overcome weakness and build a stronger physical body,

Tantric‘ meditation is a carefully regimented discipline applying which the individual can strengthen themselves spiritually and free their soul from recurrent toxic patterns.

Tantric’ meditation involves focusing on each energy center through progressive overload and strengthening using meditation (‘dhyana‘), ‘mantras‘, crystals, conscious action(‘karma yoga‘), affirmations, breath work (‘kriya yoga‘), learning (‘gyana yoga‘) and ‘hatha yoga‘.

Make no mistake, this is not meant as a substitute for traditional medicine. All forms of healing have their own importance and relevance.

Strengthening yourself spiritually and energetically is meant as way to become more conscious and increase your power of manifestation as well as overcome and release toxic life patterns that have been holding you back from living your best life.

This practice can translate into many ‘physical proofs’ as well in the form of increased concentration, improved focus, improved ability to handle pressure and tolerate stress, heightened self confidence, healthy sexuality, better self expression and greater abundance.

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

And the problem is, if you lack the necessary control over your mind, your mind doesn’t really believe anything fully.

If it doesn’t fully believe in anything fully then this means your energetic system, your spiritual body, have a difficult time manifesting anything for you.

Why? It’s simple.

According to ‘Samkhya’ philosophy, the soul is just a driving force and the conscious experience of reality comes from the Mind(‘Mana‘), Intellect(‘Buddhi‘) and Ego-self(‘Ahankar‘)

If you are in perfect control of your mind, you can direct your energy towards any goal and any energy center in the body.

This could translate to things as simple as a superior control over your concentration to as complex as healing actual physical trauma.

How does healing actual physical trauma work?

Well, when you focus your energy at a particular point in the body, at the very least, it instinctively triggers your brain to do the necessary things that you know subconsciously, have a healing impact on the part of your body.

This effects also in the healing of the actual part of your life that you experience through that particular ‘chakra‘ or energetic center in the body.

The whole point of ‘Tantra‘ is to function from a plane of oneness with your mind, body and soul. It is to unite these three elements of your existence and focus them in perfect synchronicity to perform the tasks at hand.

Different cultures have different approaches to help achieve this state of ‘oneness’ but the end goal is the same no matter what path you take.

  1. This course has been designed by incorporating key aspects of meditation from Reiki, Zen Buddhism, Tantra, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Bhakti Yoga and Mantra Saadhna, and my study and practice of these subjects for the last 13 years.
  2. Nothing in this world beats consistent effort. Spirituality is a discipline just like basketball, just like sales and just like yoga. The best thing is, spirituality is perfectly integrated into your life.
  3. As with any other discipline, a coach helps you supercharge your progress from day one. Under the watchful guidance of a teacher, you can learn and master one system which paves the way for you to better understand and master other systems of the same discipline.

Meditation is a discipline. If you can do the basics right and stick to the habits we build, if you can be honest enough to understand the power of ‘Karma Yoga‘, it doesn’t matter where your origins lie, your final destination is personal greatness.

Program Outline:

  • The guided ‘Tantra‘ meditation sessions and all components of the same such as ‘Mantra‘ practice, mindfulness exercises, ‘Yoga‘ sessions and learning sessions as part of this program are conducted in a one-on-one format in live online mode.
  • The total course duration is 10 hours, allocated in 20 sessions of 30 minutes each, 5 days a week at a fixed time every day.
  • You can pick out a time best suited to you based on availability of slot.
  • Before starting the program, you will be required to set a particular goal or intention for your life and personal development. This could range from anything as simple as improving your concentration to healing childhood trauma.
  • We will further corroborate through your birth chart, which planetary ‘yogas’ or placements are giving you malefic results, which planets are benefic and which ‘yogas‘ are needing activation and use that knowledge to understand which ‘chakras‘, ‘asanas‘ and ‘mantras‘ to focus on in the practice.
  • Based on all of these then, as part of the course, you will be parceled a kit of the following included within the fee:
    1. Mantras‘ & ‘Yantras
    2. Essential oils & Incense
    3. Reading material
    4. Crystals
    5. Rosaries
  • There are multiple levels to this program as meditation and ‘Tantra‘ is obviously a very deep field of study. Participants may choose to renew the monthly subscription on a rolling basis until they feel they have learnt enough to practice on their own.
  • The fee per month for this program is INR 27000
    • If paying via PayPal: USD 351
  • Fee per session: INR 2100
    • If paying via PayPal: USD 30

To register for this program, or schedule a single session please provide your details below and you will be intimated about available time spots and dates within 24 hours.